Why Us?

Specialist at Work, High quality advice

Our founding team has impeccable professional track record and our team has combined experience of more than 100 man years in financial services sector. Meet our founding team here. Our high quality advice is based on some of the finest financial models in the world including Nobel prize winning Portfolio construction model from Harry Markowitz and various other lead indicators.

Flat fees, transparent fees, Value for money

When you select fiduciary model, we do not get commission from the product we recommend and we charge a flat fee from you, which is a fraction of the commission you would have paid in traditional advisory model. While in traditional model, you may not know how much commission you are paying. Moreover, commission may keep increasing every year with increase in your wealth. This may not have any co-relation to the quality of advisory. In our case, we are completely transparent, as the fees remain flat even on your increasing wealth.

Cutting edge, Seamless, Paperless

Robo advisory services are changing the landscape of traditional financial advisory model. We have built a platform in a way we wanted our financial transactions to flow- Online, seamless and paperless and safe. Skip the boring, slow, old method of investing- Our platform uses state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology that allows never-before convenience for the investors. For registration, you need to fill do one time documentation and once this is done, all future investing, tracking is paperless, online and safe. Now you can invest in less than 2 minutes, redeem in less than 1 minute and track all your transactions and portfolio anytime, anywhere. Invest now to experience the new world.

Escrow account Mechanism

An escrow account is a temporary pass through account held by a third party during the process of a transaction between two parties

For all investments made from our platform under fiduciary plan, money will first go to an escrow account of MF utility and then disbursed to the concerned AMCs directly. Escrow account provides enhanced protection to investors as the investment amount is never credited to the account of financial advisor. Many other online platforms first get the amount credited to their bank account for further remittance to the AMC- which creates a third-party risk for customers

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