Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do-it-Yourself platform is for Finance Pros.

Illusory superiority which is also known as superiority bias is a cognitive flaw in human mind whereby humans overestimate their own abilities. This is still relatively unknown factor for most retail investors. This is was very well evidenced in the US where a scientifically selected sample was asked to judge their driving skills relative to others. In this sample, 93% people slotted themselves in the top 50% (only 7% thought that they were not in the top 50%). This is a significant misjudgement and the same is true for investing where most investors think that they manage their investments well.

We have a rule of thumb for this. If you do not know how much your wealth grew, in percentage terms, in the last year (or last quarter or month), it is very likely that you are not managing your investments properly (Unless you measure, it will never be an objective decision)

In case, you really are a finance PRO, we created DIY platform just for you. We also added Best Performing Funds€¯. Please note that the Best Performing Funds€ are researched by our internal team and are based on the returns delivered in preceding 12 months.

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